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AVG Antivirus is an amazing software which keeps you safe from all types of Spyware, Viruses and Malware. It ensures your protection in many ways. The software itself has 2 Different version one is the AVG Antivirus Pro and the other is AVG Antivirus Pro APK. All these versions come with one mission which is to keep you safe and keep private your online activities. Today we will talk about the AVG Antivirus Pro APK which is the best antivirus application for your Android devices. It is developed by the same developer who built this software for the Pc users AVG Mobiles. It provides you full scan option.

AVG Antivirus Pro APK scans your calls, Media Files, Softwares, Text Messages and many more. If there will be any Trojan or any other dangerous files it will remove automatically. One of the best features you can get in this app which most of the other antivirus is not providing you. AVG Antivirus Pro APK will block the infected links, it will help you protect your personal data, fils will be check before you download it on your Android Device. It is one of the Best Antivirus for Android Phone.

AVG Antivirus

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People are nowadays doing there 70% business online and mostly they operate it from Pc or Mobiles. Mobiles are the common use devices to make the transaction of money and it is packed with all your personal data. So this is the perfect app which keeps you safe from all viruses and the Attacks through which your personal data can be transfer to a hacker. AVG Antivirus Pro Android is the Most Powerful Mobile Security app which guards you against Snoops, Spywares, Thieves and many others. There is also a Possibility to find and locate your Mobile if it is stolen or lost can be located from this app.

AVG Antivirus Pro APK let you surf the internet more safely and securely. This app also monitors the Battery consumption, data Package usage and resolve the storage issue. With this, you can block and filter unwanted calls and texts. AVG Antivirus Pro APK will kill the task which is making your system slower and make your mobile run smoother and improve its performance. Security is the major issue which most of the people ignore and doesn’t take it seriously. People with small or large business should use it for the security purpose. AVG Antivirus Pro APK Download link is available.

AVG Antivirus Pro APK

Anti Theft and Phone Lost Features:-

  • It can locate your stolen phone with the help of google map
  • Auto delete your SD card and Phone Contents
  • AVG Antivirus Pro APK Anit Theft protection option. It will make Ring the Phone louder even if the mobile in on the silent mode
  • Mobile will be auto lock and show the lock screen message to help in finding the owner
  • AVG Antivirus Pro APK comes with the Camera Trap in which it will capture the image of the person and send you in Email who insert the wrong password more than 3 Times.
  • Automatically Lock you Device when someone takes out the sim card.

AVG Antivirus Pro download

Features Of AVG Antivirus Pro APK:-

  1. AVG Antivirus Pro APK scans your device, apps, Messages and files
  2. Removes all dangerous viruses which are harmful to your device
  3. Comes with an active shield from which you can surf easily and safely
  4. AVG Antivirus Pro APK will defend against malicious apps, Viruses, Malware and spyware
  5. It will monitor your storage section, battery and packages
  6. Supports fingerprint and pattern lock system
  7. AVG Antivirus Pro APK will filter and block Text Messages and calls
  8. Come with Anti Theft Features which help you to locate your stolen or lost device

AVG Antivirus Pro APK Download Free Version For Android

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