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Web Freer is a Privacy oriented web browser that became a part of chromium projects. It is the open source version of Google Chrome. The HTTPS browsing and privacy option prove to be an effective tool. Its main focus is to create a secure and private web browsing. Web Freer is an  Application which opens a Private Web browser where you can work freely and in a secure way without adding add-on or extensions.

Web Freer

Features Of Web Freer

  1. It Secures your IP address to ensure the privacy
  2. Web Freer will make sure about the anonymity when you are using the internet connection
  3. It has Fast Speed and a very powerful web browsing
  4. The application will improve the security setting
  5. This application is very easy to use and will save the time
  6. Web Freer for Android is also very useful
  7. It is a chromium base browser
  8. Web Freer is Multi-Search Engine
  9. HTTPs auto connection
  10. Compaitable for almost all Operating System

In today’s time, everything is link to the internet. People do business online shopping and many other things. For that purpose, you give all your detail on the internet including your personal information and  Creadit cards number. So the online threat chances are more. For protecting all your information you can use the Web Freer and it will not save your browsing history. Many people don’t know about these things, people are learning now that thing on the internet is not so easy.

Web Freer crack



Web Freer Proxy is the safest way to surf the internet. Now you don’t need to worry about the Hackers or Identity Thieves. It uses 236-Bit encryption so there for it is a fast and reliable browser. Now no longer you need to Add VPN to make yourself safe online. With Web Freer, your data is safe no need to worry about trackers anymore. Web Freer will also change your IP address that you can surf the internet through different servers and country names. The application is attach to more then 100+ countries. There is so many different application related to this but Web Freer Crack is so amazing and has different unique features which are not available in any of the application.

How To Install Web Freer

  • Web Freer Download link is here
  • First download from the given link
  • Unzip the application
  • Press the install button
  • Download is Complete
  • It’s Done Enjoy.

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