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Windows Firewall is an Modern security that helps you to protect your computer on Network. It Inspects and filters all IP Version. The track states of each network connections which resolve the traffic to allow or block. Incoming traffic will be block unless it response the request of the host. It adds a new version which is Windows Firewall Control it is an amazing tool which extends the functions of the Window Firewall. Provides you with some extra latest Features which makes Window Firewall Control more better. It is specially built to be an additional security solution. The software runs on a system tray from where the user can control the native firewall very easily without wasting time in navigating. It doesn’t allow you to do any packet filtering which means you are not authorise to block and allow any connection.

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Windows Firewall Control

Windows Firewall Settings are almost new which apply some latest features. It provides you 4 filtering Modes that can switch with a single click. Those 4 Filters modes are shown below:

  • No Filtering: In this Window Firewall Control connections are Automatically off
  • Low Filtering: All the Outbound connection which doesn’t match any rule are allowed
  • Medium Filtering: All the Outbound connection which doesn’t match any rule are Block
  • High Filtering: In this Inbound & Outbound connections are Blocked

Windows Firewall Control Download Link is available. The software comes with some special features. Download the software know which gives you a lot of help to resolve the issue related to the firewall. Window Firewall is conflicting with proxies, drivers, and other software. Windows Firewall with  Advance Security will secure you in different ways. It supports multi-languages which a user interface comes with 25 different languages. If you want the software to work in your language you just have to download a translation file which comes built in.

Windows Firewall Control Panel

Features of Windows Firewall Control:

  1. It comes with Global Hot Key & Various Short Keys
  2. You can import & Export Partial Set of Rules
  3. Protect authorize and uninstallation
  4. There are very easy and different ways to create new rules
  5. You can disable the option to add different programs in this software
  6. It merges different rules with duplicate existing ones
  7. From just one click you can block or allow the access to the program to connect the internet

How To Install?

  • First Download the software Windows Firewall Control from the given link
  • Then Run the software and click on tab
  • The use the Keygen to add registration
  • Restart The system
  • That’s it. Enjoy the Software

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Windows Firewall Control Keygen + Crack Download Latest Version

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