YouTube Red Apk

YouTube Red Apk

YouTube is a Netflix like apk in which you can watch videos with special paid streaming service which user can access by Subscription provided by YouTube Exclusively in United State, Mexico, New Zealand and South Korea. This application provides you with advertising free streaming of all videos hosted by YouTube, Offline play and background playback of video on mobile device. It provides you access to special advertisement free music through Google Play Music. YouTube Red Apk is a special apk which shows you videos without any ads involved in it. YouTube Red APK has also participated with major networks and certain YouTube celebrities to offer YouTube Red originals series and movies which will be exclusive only to Red member.

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All of these access are provided after your subscription to the YouTube Red Apk. You can also with the movies like Netflix on it and have a lot of fun.

Features of YouTube Red Apk:

  • No root needed to install this video.
  • You can have both YouTube red and exclusion YouTube at the same time in your cell phone. There is no need to uninstall any of them.
  • There will be no add included in any video of YouTube Red Apk.
  • You can also listen to the music while switching the screen of your cell phone of. (Background Play)
  • You can enable or disable the background play through the settings.
  • It force VP9 Codec Option through which you can watch the videos with high Quality and less bandwidth.
  • You can also override Max resolution limit through this apk of any video.
  • It automatically detects your internet access (WIFI/DATA) and automatically change the quality of video according to the access.
  • You can also enable or disable the info card on your video which will show you the detail about the video.
  • You can also enable or disable the suggestion card for the video which will suggest you videos according to your trust.
  • You can also enable or disable the channel branding watermark on the videos.
  • Pinch Zoom is enable on all video.
  • You can easily download the video from the YouTube.

Additional Details of YouTube Red Apk:

  • Category :           Android Apps.
  • Android Requires :           3 and above.
  • Size :           27 MB
  • Publish Date :           2018-03-06.
  • Version :           Latest Version.

How to Install YouTube Red Apk:

  1. To install YouTube Red Apk first of all you need to download any VPN service in your cell phone as YouTube red is not available in all countries.
  2. Install the VPN and connect it through USA.
  3. After that download the YouTube Red Apk from the link giver below.
  4. After the complete installation of the YouTube Red login with you Gmail account.

Now enjoy the YouTube Red apk with a lot of features.

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